Summer School 2015 aims

Mediterranean Summer School 2015 will create an international learning environment where studentscoming from different universities and countries acquire multidisciplinary knowledge and skills needed to study and work in global environment. The expected benefit of the project are improved participant's abilities to interpret different business, economic, cultural and environmental situations and to use such abilities to be more successful in international business activities. 


The aims of the Summer School programme are to:
- strengthen international cooperation activities with partner universities with estimated participation (mobility) of at least 30 foreign students.

- enhance cooperation with local companies in the form of study visits and live case studies, based on the participation of practitioners in the programme. Participants will, therefore, gain valuable practical knowledge and skills in technological and technical content areas. Participating companies will be presented with an inventive set of possible solutions (presumably non-technological) to implement in their entrepreneurial projects.
- use a combined approach to teaching using a variety of forms of teaching.


Summer School participants should acquire theoretical and practical knowledge of:
- facilitating the emergence of new knowledge in small and medium sized enterprises, approaches to managing innovation and R&D activities in enterprises;
- business and market planning and accessing the contemporary competitive markets;
- public speaking and business communication in the international and multicultural environment and
- business opportunities created by sustainable development strategies.

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