Students about their Summer School Experience

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Freyja Leopoldsdottir, Island
"The experience of Summer School was amazing! It was fun and informative. The program was well above my expectations. I liked the workshops and teachers from different countries. Activities that have been organized for us were very entertaining. Classmates have been wonderful and I met people from all over the world with which I hope to maintain contacts forever."



António Ramalho, Portugal

"The Summer School was a wonderful experience which combined learning with entertainment and travel. It was very well organised and the professors successfully motivated us to participate in the activities."



Ani Sargsyan, Armenia

"Summer School was organized with great enthusiasm and care. In general, the program was very useful and entertaining. I gained a lot of new  knowledge. The city is very nice and I liked my stay here very much. I wish the organizers so successful summer school every year."



Darko Gregur, Slovenia

"The thing I liked the most about Summer School was the cultural differences among students and the exchange of experiences and knowledge between us. Each day of Summer School was a special and great. I liked the most the courses of Rune Gulev who made his lectures especially interesting, useful and we have gained a lot of knowledge. Summer school was a wonderful experience for me. My expectations were exceeded."



Przemysław Szadura, Poland

"I recommend Summer School on ISSBS to everyone! These past two weeks have been wonderful. It was a time of work (not too hard, since the program was very interesting), fun, party and meeting new friends from different countries. My thanks to the ISSBS and its staff who have enabled this Summer School."



Ana Sekolec Kocijančič, Slovenia

"This was my first summer school experience, so I didn't know what to expect from it. I was pleasantly surprised. It is much easier to acquire useful knowledge if you can try things out yourself and see them as they are in the real world."



Boris Zhurkevich, Lithuania

"I attended the Summer School because I am interested in innovative entrepreneurship, gaining new experience and meeting new people. I recommend you to participate in a similar programme during your studies, because it is likely to be a great international experience."



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