Strunjan Salt-Pans Excursion

Strunjan salt-pans are the northernmost and the smallest salt-pans in the Mediterranean, where salt is produced according to the traditional practice for more than 700 years. Shallows of Strunjan Bay have been transformed into pans with the construction of dikes, canals and shallow pools. During the season, the salina-workers collect the salt daily with wooden tools, and take care of petola, the base in crystallization salt fields, which acts as a biological filter and to prevent the mixing of the salt with the mud, and the salt is clean and white. Piran salt is produced in Strunjan and Sečovlje pans.



Today, the salt-pans are an important protected area of natural and cultural heritage. They represent an important and at the same time exceptional habitat, in which many plant and animal species live. The slat-pans area with lagoon is a part of a European network of ecologically important Natura 2000 areas.




More about the Strunjan sal-pans is available here.

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